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I was reading a post from some people who were complaining that milk purchased at my local grocery store was always going bad before its expiration date.

I am thinking they are right, because when my milk seemed a little off, I questioned it, but then, noticing it was not expired, assumed my nose must be off.

When the idea of "perishing" came up in the Gospel of John (Chapter 6:27), Jesus wasn't talking about milk when he said, "Do not work for food that perishes, but for food that endures for eternal life." 

Surely, none of us would ever work hard for something that is just going to go away in time, would we?  

Well, uh, maybe. 

I would suggest that too often we do focus all of our energy on those very things that will not lead us to eternal life.

Jesus told the group that the "work of God" (the food that endures for eternal life) is to "believe in the one he sent."  In other words, believe in him. 

Jesus knew, as we do, that belief in him changes everything and moves us to love greater, to be more generous, to care for each other and to be selfless, i.e., do the work of God!

But, the group wasn't really quite sure about all that, so they asked him for a sign so they could believe.

"I am the bread of life," he told them.  If you see me, you have your sign! 

That beautiful sign, the Real Presence of Jesus that continues in the Mass today, renews us and fills us with the strength and motivation we need to work for food that never perishes.

Happy Easter!

Janet Cassidy
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