19 May 2011


Recent events in my life have highlighted areas of sin, and the need to go to confession on a regular basis. I know we are only required to go to confession once a year, but if I followed that, I would spend 11 months of the year crawling on my knees weighed down by a burden of sin! I often feel I am the only one who regularly goes to confession during the Saturday slot at my parish...no one seems to go in before or after me, even though I try hard not to notice. I must look like the most sinful person in the Parish!

I have always tried to make a regular communion, once a month, more often if necessary, for the good of my soul. Whilst we don't need to confess venial sin, it is ultimately worth doing so for the grace of the Sacrament, and the conferring of God's forgiveness, love and strength. Going to confession is like stepping in a power shower after a hot and dusty day. One feels clean and fesh afterwards, and resolved to make amends and turn back to God.

I took this photograph recently, at the Church of the Holy name of Jesus on Oxford Road in Manchester. The sun is shining onto the doors of the confessionals, but actually looks like it is shining from underneath the doors! What a wonderful illustration of the grace of confession! The light and life of God, His forgiveness, hope and strength, lie behind those doors. Why not open them and see?


  1. Ah yes... the Holy Name!
    Is "the little Gem" still there?
    Nice post.

  2. Beautiful picture and writing, Thank you.

  3. Brings back memories of university days in Manchester!

  4. It's a beautiful Church in every way :)
    The Little Gem is still there too, I went one lunchtime last year when visiting Manchester. But the Priest's homily lasted over 40 minutes and I nearly fell asleep (it WAS a hot day!!)
    Autumn xx


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