30 May 2011

heart speaks unto heart: Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

heart speaks unto heart: Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus: "I'm using ' Love Peace and Joy ' by Very Rev Andre Prevot, Devotion to the Sacred Heart according to St Gertrude.( TAN publications ). Ther..."


  1. I am very much relieved that the ACWB is not showing extreme opinions on church politics, education or the liturgy etc.
    Such views have just led to the cancellation of a visit by a Cardinal.
    The electronic media is a powerful form of communication and must be handled with care. Better to err on the generous, inclusive side than to embrace a dangerous fanaticism.

    The ACWB will expand while it is open to the Spirit.

    Thank you.

  2. Thankyou Terry! You express what is my wish for the ACWB..I am not in the least bit surprised that the Cardinal's visit was cancelled..

  3. This is not a subject for inclusion as a post on ACWB which steers clear of contentious issues, however, I listened to the replay of the SUNDAY BBC radio programme this week and the question of Caritas came up at the end.
    As a woman was involved do you know of any bloggers discussing this personally on their own blogs?

    Genuine question.
    Don't display this if you don't wish to, but perhaps you could point me in the right direction.
    Thank you.


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