12 May 2011

Introducing Autumn!

Hello to you all, and thanks to Jackie for inviting me to be a contributor to this new and exciting venture. I have also enjoyed reading everyone else's contributions so far.

I am an almost 50 year old (just a few months of my 40s left!) Catholic wife, mother and grandmother (or "Mamar" as I am known) to a husband of 29 years, 2 daughters and 3 blue grandchildren and 1 pink ;) I work part-time as a counsellor in a Further Education College, but my heart is fixed firmly on God, family and home, where I seek, like Brother Lawrence, to find Him amongst the pots and pans. I love cooking and baking and creating a home which is hopefully one of welcome and warmth.

I am currently discerning a vocation to the Third Order of Carmelites, which is exciting ~ I started attending a Carmelite Spirituality Group earlier this year, and am now "hooked". My life's aim is to seek God, follow Christ and be transformed by the Spirit, with the help of my Mother Mary, to whom I have a deep devotion.

I have two blogs of my own, http://iamhisbeloved.wordpress.com/ and http://bloomingathome.wordpress.com/ and you are welcome to visit me there. I shall blog here again soon! Lovely to meet you.

Autumn xx

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  1. Welcome from a fellow Secular Carmelite!


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