9 May 2011

A new insight on the road to Emmaus

At  Mass last  Father Tim, preached with his customary vigour, trust me,no one snoozes at the back when he is on the Altar! He is a knowledgeable priest who customarily takes Bible Classes and last night he preached on the gospel of the day Easter Sunday 3 ,The road to Emmaus, and he said at one point that current scholarship is of the idea that as well as Cleophas the second un-named follower of Jesus was not some unknown male as has always been portrayed in art ,but Mary the wife of Cleophas, one of the women who stood at the cross and went to the empty tomb!
You may be familiar with this but I had never heard it before, as Father explained all the implications of this, Cleophas and Mary,his wife as a new Adam and Eve partaking not of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil,but of the new feast of Holy Mass served by the Great High Priest and knowing at that moment ,but not as Adam and Eve saw their sin and nakedness, they saw Salvation.What a marvelous story and what great truth is held in it, not a wish washy nice story but the Truth.
The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and as prophesied He came to suffer for us and there by redeem His fallen creation and just as a husband and wife were there at the Fall so a husband and wife were witnesses to the Resurection.
Time to re paint the art?

The “Road to Emmaus” Icon by Sister Marie Paul OSB of the Mount of Olives Monastery, Jerusalem (1990), commissioned by the Canadian theologian Father Thomas Rosica


  1. Great post. I read this passage in Luke and I have always wondered why he never named the second person on the road. Always open to reading with a new awareness, thanks for that.

  2. I recently found this painting, which depicts one of the "disciples on the road" as a woman. It paints a different picture, doesn't it? But Jesus always was very accepting of and loving towards women...


    I have enjoyed reading this blog today...I may yet sign up!!

  3. Please do!! I just need yr email address!!

  4. Oh, and perhaps you could have a list of contributors in the sidebar :)

  5. Yes I was thinking of that..just trying to work out how best to do it..any suggestions?


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