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Hello! Thanks so much for the invite, I am truly honored.

I am in the throes of what is a pretty usual day; 67 things to squeeze in, and that's just before lunch. How to prioritize is the key. Today, as too many days of late, I did not make it to daily mass. Big sigh. But when I decided to start blogging, my inspiration was to reach other women with the message that no matter how overwhelming your life looks at any given moment, God can reach into it and give it a completely new spin. My blog title, albeit a tad long, includes the word "unconventional" because I think so many of us feel a bit on the outside if our lives include the messy situations as a result of sins and failings~ our own, others, you name it.

But there is so much hope and mercy to be had at the hands of Him who died for us. So much encouragement in our present moments. He waits for us in His church, desires our prayers, our conversation, our messy lives. He looks upon us as a father looks fondly upon his children. If you have children, think of how the sight of them stirs your heart.

So even on these days when I am toiling away and not too sure anything is actually getting done, I give it all to Him. His love transforms the work of  laundry, the dishes, the sticky kitchen floor, all the service I give my family. I offer these for them, and for reparation for any sins. For our healing and wholeness. For tomorrow when I want to get to that morning mass. But today I will do what today offers~ adoration being one. I want to acknowledge Him and sit with Him. I may not see the immediate effect ( or I may!) but I know and trust that He is at work.

I don't want to leave you before I acknowledge how He imparts His joy. I have always loved the verse, "The joy of the Lord is my strength." Because He sees all,even when there is sorrow or pain, there is also joy. My kids and grandson help me see and experience His joy regularly. (They help me see many other things too, but that is the topic for another day!)

My youngest (there are seven of them) is now eleven. Here is a picture she drew when she was no more than three. She was  sitting in the seat of the shopping cart (I stuffed her in there till she would barely fit, I think it was last week, because of her insatiable need to touch things), and she had a little pad and pen. This was when I was a single mom, on food stamps, doing one of those shopping trips that take forever, because the money would run out if not used by a certain date. So on one of those shopping-paloozas, this is what she drew while occupying herself.

Ah, perhaps this is a wee bit telling?

I never did like shopping.

God Bless you! 



  1. Beautiful post, Kelly. So glad to welcome you here. What a lovely bunch of ladies to be a part of ~ I am blessed :)
    Autumn xx

  2. thank you Autumn and I agree! :)

  3. Congratulations on your first post honey, I always enjoy reading about our family and now I can read about them in two places :)

  4. I must say I'm overwhelmed with this post & all the others too! Great heartfelt inspiration & so humble & true!

  5. Great post! And welcome! I love the picture at the end, it had my husband and I laughing because I'm pretty sure it's how my daughter pictures me some days (particularly during "big" grocery shopping!).


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