10 Jun 2011

What Being GLAM Means To Me - Reflections from a Mom's Makeover

Recently I won an online contest from Glam-O-Mamas, which is a website for moms set up by Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Nicole Jacinto. This was the first time for me to ever win an online contest, so I was pretty psyched about it. My prize: a makeover from Make Up Forever.

This is what I looked like after the makeover:
Thank you Glam-O-Mamas and Make Up Forever for the free makeup session!

And this is what I looked like in my new dress, a gift from The Florence Fling, which was also part of my prize.
Thank you The Florence Fling for this chic dress!

But you know what made me even happier and feel most “glam” that day? Coming home to my family.

Yup, I value my family a lot. (I guess you can glean that from my personal blogs too!) Right after the makeover at Bonifacio Global City, which incidentally took up my whole morning, including travel time, I rushed home to be with my ever-supportive and loving husband and adorable, sometimes-quite-a-handful kids.

As a mom who has never really been into makeup and all things beauty even during my single days, I could say that I realized the following things:

1. A lot of women may be into makeup and all things that prettify one’s outer appearance for varying reasons, and this in itself is not something bad. As for me though, the makeover session reminded me again that I am not into makeup because:

a. I’d rather spend money on books for the kids and things for the home than on foundation, mascara, lipstick and eyeliner. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not saying that women who buy make up have screwed-up priorities. I am just saying that each person has his or her own priorities. Mine are: GOD, family and service, especially to the Church.

b. I am confident enough in how I look because I know I am loved and special, especially in God’s eyes. And despite the fact that I don’t pluck nor shave my eyebrows, don’t use concealer to hide the dark spots on my face, and don’t have a trendy, expensive wardrobe, I am happy with how I look, and even managed to “snag” a man of my own -- a handsome, God-fearing one at that. Hehe.
Hubby Anthony and I on our wedding day in 2006

c. I’d rather spend the time I would need to have a decently “made up” face praying, playing and singing with my kids before leaving for work, or preparing a quick breakfast for the family. Besides, after the jeepney ride to the office, my makeup would probably be ruined anyway!
Makeover in progress!

2. An outer makeover can do wonders for moms like me, but they don’t last, because at the end of the day, you need to wash off all the makeup on your face. What is more important though is the inner makeover one goes through every single day. I think this is what all moms (and dads!) need to be GLAM. After all, being a parent is about experiencing God’s Love And Miracles every day through our kids, who are really a blessing.

3. Parenthood is a 24/7 job and duty. Every dad and mom, no matter how glamorous or exciting their life may look on the outside, has almost certainly gone through sleepless nights, disgusting diaper changes, and everything “gross” associated with the nitty-gritty of parenting. One may not consider this “glam,” especially if one faces the daily grind of working to make ends meet, commuting in hours of traffic in a jam-packed jeep or bus, and juggling household chores and child-minding to boot. But still, most parents wouldn’t trade their roles for the world! We are, after all, parents for eternal life.

Bearing all these in mind, I can say that last weekend’s makeover session was memorable because it helped me realize once again the beauty of parenthood. And the countless ways I need to “make over” my inner self, so that I can be the mom that my kids deserve.
I am GLAM because of them! G – grateful, L – loved, -A – appreciated, M – more fulfilled


  1. Great post and you are BEAUTIFUL...inside and OUT!!

  2. You look gorgeous!

    I have my makeup routine down to about 5 minutes. Maybe less. And I just buy my makeup at Walgreens on sale and use it until there is absolutely nothing left! I wear makeup as a courtesy to other people!! LOL!

  3. Wonderful post, Teacher Mama Tina. Your inner beauty shines through!


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