4 Jul 2011

life and losses

I am waxing a little philosophical today… ;)

I have had cause to think about this recently as a result of my (counselling) work, and working at a deep level with a client who was grappling with the whole issue of life and losses. I’m not talking about loss through bereavement here, but the necessary losses which form part of our every day life. But the process of bereavement and other types of loss is often very similar…

Loss is really change and vice versa, is it not? Whether we move on from a job, move house, leave school or college, life brings changes. It is unavoidable, no matter how we use our energies to try to keep the status quo. God, although unchanging, is the God of changes, and all creation including our *self* is never static, but constantly evolving. This happens on a physical level…I will not be exactly the same person by the time I have finished this post as I was when I started it. Cells will have died, reproduced, divided, skin will have been shed, and my heart will be that little bit older as the beats keep on. I won’t be the same person emotionally or psychologically either. The act of writing this will no doubt change my perspective and my understanding.  Spiritually too, I never stay the same, as God reveals Himself to me daily in new ways: we change if we are open to His leading; we change if we resist it. One thing is certain ~ life, in its many forms, never stands still...

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  1. Autumn,
    This a beautiful reflection on loss. Loss while painful, is also sometimes necessary. We human are not so good at change :) Sometimes God is calling us, like He did Peter, to go out into the deep.
    Thanks for sharing and prayers for your discernment with the secular Carmelites and your new parish.
    God bless.

  2. It's hard to accept that we really have little personal control in our lives however much we think we have. It is false optimism to expect this.
    The disciples were overwhelmed by loss and needed the assurance of the Risen Christ.

  3. A beautiful piece Autumn. It has made me think how loss affects every aspect of our lives.
    I do hope you will be happy in your new parish and that you will be made to feel welcome.
    love and prayers


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