20 Jul 2011

On Being Pro-Life in the Philippines: Prayers please!

I have written in my homeschooling blog before about being Pro-Life. Being a pro-life family, we strive to be up-to-date with all that is happening around us, especially here in the Philippines, where bills that are pro-contraception, sex education for young children, and divorce, are being pushed into legalization. Many people think that it is only the Catholic church that is "waging this war" but actually, many Filipinos of other religions also agree about being pro-life. 

Local groups like Pro-Life Philippines are trying their best to gather these Filipinos, and have been able to do so in the past, like in the Filipinos Unite under God for Life Rally last March 25. This Monday, July 25, there is another event aimed at uniting Filipinos who are for life.  

With this, I humbly ask for all your prayers for us in the Philippines, and in other countries around the world, who are committed to nurture, protect and defend life in all stages, in accordance with God's will for us.

I am sharing this post  below taken from my other blog on faith, family and financial literacy (and everything in between! hehe) here in case there are readers who don't know about it yet. As you most probably won't be able to join us physically, please do include us in your prayer intentions! Thanks to all in advance and God bless you abundantly!

Look what I "discovered" on Facebook the other day. Pro-Life Philippines Foundation is organizing a State of the Soul of the Nation address, along with other religious groups (Catholics, Christians and Muslims) on July 25. GMA News actually published a story about it last week. If you aren't doing anything this Monday, I hope you could come and attend this event. For love of God, country and LIFE. God bless (and save!) the Philippines!

A coalition of pro-lifers is organizing a massive delegation of inter-religious groups to release a STATE OF THE SOUL OF THE NATION ADDRESS on Monday, July 25.

This event is dedicated to commemorating the 43rd Anniversary of the Humanae Vitae which re-affirms the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church regarding married love, responsible parenthood, and lawful and unlawful ways of regulating birth.

The said celebration will coincide with the second State of the Nation Address of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. Thus, it is in these momentous events that we deem it necessary to hold an activity that calls for the restoration of moral integrity in our country especially on issues that largely affect the family and the sanctity of human life.

As an opening salvo, there will be a celebration of the Holy Mass to be officiated by Most Rev. Bishop Broderick Pabillo, DD as main celebrant with renowned healing priest Rev. Fr. Fernando Suarez giving the Homily inside the Sanctuario De San Jose Parish Church in Greenhills, San Juan at 9:00 AM. Simultaneous with the mass will be the worship of different evangelical groups at Club Filipino.

After which, a silent march to Club Filipino will be held by those that attended the Mass culminating with a short program to be led by the various heads of the inter-faith alliance to be held at the Corazon Aquino Kalayaan Hall at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City. A consolidated statement written by the Congress of the Faithful addressing the need to unite Filipinos in rekindling the fading status of morality in governance will be read and will be conveyed to President Aquino himself during the activities.

If you have more questions, kindly contact the Pro-Life Philippines Office at 734-9425 or at 733-7027 or text them at 09192337783.


  1. I wish you the best in the Philipines and I send you prayers. We have gone down the wrong path here in the USA. Don't follow. Once such laws are passed, they are almost impossible to over turn. I hope some day we can make the US pro-life once again.

    By the way, we have lots of Philipines in our parish. I live in Staten Island, NY.

  2. amen, same in the UK , sadly many see abortion as a form of contraception, when it was made legal it was claimed very few would be performed and only for extreme cases! of course it quickly became on demand. The horror of back street abortionists is to be deprecated also,We must make each baby a welcome addition to the human race, who knows what talents are born with them?

  3. Be assured of my prayers in Bacolod City.


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