6 Jul 2011

Encouraging Summer Reading That Speaks to Teens' Souls

Our 14-year-old son returned from a vacation with the youth group of Communion and Liberation this week, eager to buy a copy of the latest translation of Giacomo Leopardi's "Canti" as well as a good translation of Fyodor Doystoevsky's "Crime and Punishment." His emerging interest in fine literature is yet another reason my husband and I are so grateful for CL, a lay ecclesiastical movement within the Catholic Church. Our son is learning that faith is a living entity and that the beauty expressed by poets, and musicians is one way we can gaze upon the Infinite. My conversation with him also is a reminder we parents have an obligation to continue to nurture our children's souls as they navigate adolescence.

Here is what Leopardi, a poet, essayist and philosopher of the early 19th century, has to say about the Infinite:

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  1. What a fabulously inspiring post! Thanks Allison..what great children!

  2. Oh...thank you but truly these boys are gifts. My husband and I do the best we can...

  3. I read Leopardi's Canti last year. Those are very impressive reads for a 14 year old. Outstanding young man!

  4. This is all sparked by the youth group arm of Communion and Liberation. All the teens are reading him!


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