peace...justice...prayers...Our Lady of America



I unite my

 prayers and thoughts

 with my

dear FB friends

 of the image of

 "Our Lady of America"

Cathy  Pray for those who are selfish and don't care about relatives, especially those who are alone!

Bernadette Lady of America, CONVERT THIS NATION.....

Kathleen  Our Lady of America, please watch over us as we petition you for blessings from you Son.

Rebecca  Thanks Nancy for this wonderful picture!We will pray hard so that one day the image will be placed in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. May the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title The Lady of America lead the coun...try to Jesus to restore holiness and virtues Among the leaders and citizens and to stop the culture of death sins of the flesh low morality disunity disputes and to protect the kids youths and families who are under the current of modernism and materialism.Jesus through the intercession of Our Lady of America angels and saints bless our beloved country.Thanks so much Nancy for posting this in the profile >+ ThePower Ofthe Rosary <+.We must join our prayer in one voice that the Holy See will approve this soon.It's good for there's the spiritual director that works for this.We must pray for the priest too.Jesus King of Divine Mercy have mercy on us.Virgin Mary Mediatrix of All Grace St. Joseph St. Padre Pio St. Rita saint of the impossible and hopeless cases angels and saints pray for us.May Jesus bless you Nancy your family friends BVMW WAF members and keep them safe all the time.AVE MARIA QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!Peace! May the members consecrate repair, do penance, and pray for the conversion of sinners, salvation of souls and for world peace.May we obey the requests of our beloved mother in Fatima through Lucia.amen.
Theresa  Our Lady, Please protect our country ... Amen
Brenda  Momma pls keep us under your mantle of Love...all eyes are on us defend Life & help us to battle those who want to redefine marriage between a man & a woman :'(+++

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