St Joachim and St Anne

Today we celebrate and remember the parents of Our Lady, the bible does not mention them at all, but by tradition of the Western Church and the Easter and Orthodox we honour them and call them Joachim and Anne.

The ancient story of Marys conception and birth mirror the story of Samuel and John the Baptist in that a childless couple pray devoutly for a child to God  vowing to dedicate that child to God.
Whatever the exact truth there can be no doubt that Marys parents must have been a pious and devout couple to raise such a daughter! The parents of Mary were the mechanism God used as the physical reality of the Immaculate Conception and the honouring of Anne and Joachim goes back to the early years of the Church. St Anne was one of the most popular Saints of the middle ages and is seen in many statues and murals teaching her daughter the scripture or holding a young Mary who herself holds the Infant Christ.
They make a wonderful example of holy marriage and good parenting.

St Anne and St Joachim, Parents of Our Lady, pray for all parents that they may provide a happy home and faith full teaching as you provided for the Mother of Our Saviour. Amen

We can ponder that long ago childhood and think on the wonders of grace that flowed from it.
For like their daughter Joachim and Anne point us to God.


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