one small thing for God...

On Saturday evening, before Mass, I went to confession, after a rather long gap of 2 months After the Priest absolved me, for my penance (in addition to praying the Pater Noster before the Blessed Sacrament) he asked me to do one small thing as well as I could this week for God. I came away feeling this was an easy penance! But on reflection I realised that this is something I should do every day, and don’t. More often, I do things in a hurried, slapdash and unrecollected way, often without considering God at all.
Immediately, my thoughts turned to the Little Flower, whose hidden life was made up of an accumulation of small things. She had neither need or opportunity to do great things, but she had plenty of opportunity to do “small things with great love”. St. Therese wrote:
To strew flowers is the only means of proving my love, and these flowers will be each word and look, each little daily sacrifice.
Whether working in the laundry or at prayer, Therese offered everything, as well as she could, for God. There is no reason why I cannot do the same ~ not one small thing, but an accumulation of small things, every day.

St. Therese also writes:
Offer to God the sacrifice of never gathering any fruit off your tree.
…and how often I look for rewards or recompense for my actions, instead of offering them to God as they are, for Him to reap the benefits for the good of His Kingdom. We may never see the fruit of our labours, and that’s not why we should offer them, but for the joy of serving God alone.

May this encourage you…


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