Catholics and Halloween

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A quote from this article on Halloween's Catholic Origins probably sums up what I have been thinking and "talking" about lately on social networks and with people I know, (and just yesterday on Radyo Veritas, when I was interviewed because of this article on CBCP News about our homeschool group's All Saints' Day celebration on November 4):

"Let's not focus on werewolves, witches, goblins or other evil characters but maybe other virtuous people or heroes," he said. "If not saints, then have them dress up as a fireman or football player or G.I. Joe. There are a lot of good figures in our secular culture worth emulating."

In fact, I highly recommend all Catholic parents to read the complete article here, along with the other thought-provoking, inspiring articles about Catholics and Halloween below:
Should Catholics celebrate Halloween?
Christians and Halloween: Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

At the end of the day, Jesus reminds us that we are "in the world, not of the world," (John 17: 6-17), and that He has "sent" us into this world - so let's be the change we want to see in the world, and let God's love and light shine in our lives, for His greater glory! ;-)

Happy All Hallows' Eve everyone!

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  1. I put a short article in my parish newsletter two or three years ago, outlining the pagan background. One of the things that happened, and that the article you linked to does not mention, is that the Holy See wanted to ban all the pagan practices and the unchristian view of death and the dead, but many northern European Christians (and the Irish of course) retained some of their old beliefs and practices (as do some Latin Americans) and things got mixed up. Now we are in a situation where some schools,some religious and even some priests are happy to allow kids to dress up as the grim reaper or something worse. Some of our Catholic parents feel unable to swim against the tide and give in to the media hype and the commercialism - some of them even have parties. Last year the Bishops of England and Wales issued a statement encouraging parents to find other ways of celebrating. Unfortunately (as usual I'm afraid) the statement was a bit "weak" and so many have just ignored it.


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