7 Mar 2012

Praying to Mary - A Biblical Defense


  1. Wow, that's great! I'll have to see about that DVD.

  2. A few weeks ago I was teaching my fourth grade Rel. Ed. about prayer, and that we pray with the saints and TO God.

    They didn't seem to be getting so, I pointed to each student and asked them to do something "supernatural"; like go outside and make it thunder, or suddendly grow a tree in the corner of the classroom. To a child they said we can't do that, I said that's right only God can do those things, so if a person can't suddenly create, do or make something you pray WITH them

  3. I don't have a problem praying "to" Our Lady & the Saints...Catholics know all grace comes from God but we certainly have the Communion of Saints in which we pray for our departed brethren & ask constantly for the intercession of the saints...

  4. I have no problem praying with the saints, Mary and asking them to pray for what ever intention, but if we are saying we don't "worship" the saints or have Mary as some kind of "goddess" how do you explain that to young children 10 and 11 years old :)

  5. Hi Patricia..a priest friend sent me this..

    "Yes, we can pray to Mary and to the saints. The 'Hail Mary' is directed to Mary. In the Mass and the Breviary the prayer is nearly always directed to the Father, on occasion to Christ, eg, on the feast of Corpus Christi, but not to Mary or the saints. One exception is the Litany of the Saints, used if there is a baptism during the Easter Vigil and on occasions such as ordinations, where we directly invoke the saints and respond with 'Pray for us'. However, the prayer at the end of the Litany of the Saints is directed to God."

    As u know I have 10 children..youngest 11 & I have been a Head of Religious Education in Catholic Schools..have never ever heard of a Catholic child who thought Our Lady was a "goddess" or has ever "worshipped" the saints!

    I know sometimes Protestants have difficulty understanding why we honour the saints & Mary but for lifelong Catholics it's "in the blood!"..

  6. Still thinking..!!

    I'm a bit shocked tbh that 11 year ols don't understand basic Catholic piety & teaching. My children were babies & toddlers praying to Our Lady & the saints..

    My daughter was working in a store today & was bored so she quietly prayed a decade of the rosary..& at a meeting last night for a trip to Paris for our 17 year old, the Hail Mary was prayed at the beginning...


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