2 Apr 2012

The Hound of Heaven

One of my favorite principles in the formation, Disciples of Jesus and Mary, is that we are all unique. Each of us are made for God in our own unique way. We are all called to follow a unique path to holiness and ultimately to Heaven. God also chooses to speak to us in specific ways custom fit for our individual souls. What reaches my heart may do nothing for you, and vice versa. Do not misunderstand me, I do not mean to say there is not an absolute truth that we are all bound to. There is only one God, one Church, one Way. But God is infinite, and being made in His image, there are an infinite number of ways we can relate to Him and Him to us.

I have discovered over a long period of time, that God most effectively reaches me through music and art.
I can be running away from Him in all directions, in my mind, heart, and my soul, but then out of the blue, he invades my personal space, with a song. It is like he grabs my face in his hands, turns it towards His and says, "I am here! and I am still talking to you!". Suddenly all my walls begin to crumble and we can pick up again where we left off.

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