Crash Course in Pro-Life Apologetics

Crash Course in Pro-Life Apologetics

Why are you pro-life? 

What would you say if someone asked you that? Have you ever had to defend your position in conversation? Were you afraid to offend someone with your point of view? Were you afraid your reasons were just not good enough to persuade anyone? Take a look at these very good websites and brush up on your apologetics skills!
At the pro-life conference this year, I attended a really good session on pro-life apologetics. The basic gist of how to be a good apologist is this: pro-choice people want to talk about anything and everything except for abortion itself. They want to talk about things like "back alley abortions,"  saving the life of a mother (which makes up under 1% of all abortions,) problems of poverty in our society, how other people overlook problems of poverty, a woman's choice, a woman's body and on and on.

Pro-choice people do NOT want to talk about the child itself being killed. They will spin the conversation every which-way they can to avoid this painful reality. That is why your main points need to be about things like the the humanity of the child in the womb, the uniqueness of human life, the child's ability to feel pain and the ethical issue of ending an innocent human life.
Here are some helpful websites to review:
(1) This well presented website offers succinct and logical "talking points" for every situation. For example, fact #12 details how, before Roe v Wade, only 10% of women had "back alley" abortions. The argument that abortion ban would increase death from "back alley" abortion ignores that there is no evidence that abortion is any less dangerous today but more importantly, it leaves out the issue of the ethics of taking a human life completely. Review this page. It's filled with clear logic to counter common arguments.
(2) What about when people want to talk about how young mothers will "ruin their lives" if they give birth? That's a hard position to argue without knowing the statistics of how abortion creates a greater number of emotional, physical and societal problems than giving birth at a young age. You need to know that suicide risk is 6 times higher with teens that have abortions and that they are twice as likely than their peers to use drugs.
Review these sites and you will feel more secure when faced with pro-choice arguments, but most importantly, always steer the conversation to the undeniable fact that abortion is taking an innocent human life- no ifs, ands or buts.


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