A Modern Day Miracle, Really?

Sometimes there is no other explantion

Some people scoff, others think that miracles are relegated to biblical times but others have experienced inexplicable events that can only be called miraculous.

Sometimes God snags a sceptic with a powerful surprise physical healing. This blows up the poor guys world view and suddenly he realizes that there actually is a God who loves him. These kinds of miracles are pure gift.
Another kind of miracle happens when we are desperate, without recourse to any other solution to solve our problem. Then the Father supplies our needs. As parents of a large family we depend on Him to supply a lot of the basic necessities. Not our wants but our needs. Even our sceptical children concede that this is true.
We were completely oblivious at first to the fact that we were part of an unexpected miracle last winter. In mid January when our furnace was serviced for its annual cleaning, the repairman red tagged our oil tank. This was just before the tank needed another delivery of oil. Red tagged means it is an environmental risk and it is illegal for any company to fill it with oil. The last oil delivery was December 11, 2010. Since Michael's uncle had a one year-old tank worth $2,000.00 to give us if we could hold out to the spring, we decided to try to heat with wood.


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