Journey Home Episode

I really was blessed by my time speaking with Marcus Grodi on Journey Home. He is a very gracious man and has a very kind, welcoming, and hospitable group of people at the Coming Home Network. Please consider joining Marcus and I and feel free to email me any questions you may have about anything we talked about. I've been so touched by the kind emails I have received since the airing of the show.

Cheryl Dickow


  1. Cheryl, my husband and I just watched this video on my iPhone (we're in the car, driving out to Notre Dame for the weekend--and actually, he's driving, so he just listened). We enjoyed it so much!!

    After all of our dealings through e-mail, it was wonderful to hear you speak. I feel almost as if I've met you now. You talk so eloquently, and your reversion story is so compelling.

    Congratulations. God bless you--and Bezalel Books!

    1. Laura,

      Thank you for sharing these kind words and for all the support you offer to Bezalel Books!

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    1. Thanks! It was a blessing to me to meet someone as enthusiastic about Catholic fiction as I am!

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    1. Nancy,

      Thank you! How sweet of you to take the time to share that!

  4. You know how much I loved this, Cheryl!
    Great interview! I just wish we could get together and chit chat over tea!
    Well done!

    1. Chris,

      What would I do without your support? You are a woman who lives the faith in an incredible way.

  5. Oh I just watched it. I watch every episode of The Journey Home. I love the show. And you were profound. I enjoyed it very much. I found it fascinating. First, let me say though I’m a devout Catholic, my wife is Jewish, and I love to say I’m Jewish on my wife’s side. I know what you mean about the beauty and wonder of the Jewish faith. I loved some of the other points you brought out. I had to freeze the show and write down your quote: “Sometimes when we live our life we get involved in one little piece of the tapestry, but when we stand back and look at it, it’s pretty incredible.” Great quote. I also liked your thoughts on Noah’s wife and Christ’s second coming when the veils will be lifted and the tapestry will make sense. Thanks for a great interview.

    1. Manny,

      Your response brings tears of joy to my eyes.

      It isn't easy to share such a personal piece of yourself so to have someone thank you for doing so is very much a blessing.

      Thank you.


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