On Staten Island: Feast Day for Our Lady of Good Health (Vailankanni), Fast Day for Syria

This is the day Pope Francis asked Christians worldwide to fast and to pray for our brothers and sisters in Syria. It also is the feast day of Our Lady of Good Health (Vailankanni). Today, I traveled with our younger son and three of my CL friends from New Jersey to a Staten Island parish where we joined hundreds of others in fasting for Syria and feasting for Our Lady of Good Health.

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  1. this picture makes my heart weep, weep for the people of Syria, weep in gratitude for those who took part in this fast and walk and weep in gratitude for this picture and your post. Thank-you

  2. Ah, that's why there were so many cars around St. Rita's on a Saturday. I had forgotten about the feast day. St. Rita's on Staten Island happens to be my parish, as I mentioned once before to you Allison. Here's a local news clip about it:

    Well, I guess I contributed to someone's good health on the feast day. I donated blood and platelets today.


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