Sunday is the Most Important Day of ALL TIME

written Sunday, September 01, 2013


I had a dream last night - I was in Mexico, being shown around by a young priest who was newly ordained and native to that area.  He was telling me about the faith in Mexico, and I remember most clearly that he added, "Today is Sunday - today is the most important day of all time."

It's the day of the Resurrection.  So I thought about that a great deal (yes, while still dreaming). I think we oftentimes (or I do, anyway) unconsciously downplay the importance of a Sunday.  Modern culture, after all, is definitely an anti-help to restoring the great reverence due to this day.

(I thought the above vintage advertisement for Sunday school was intriguing and also a bit amusing.  But I loved how the women were so classy, even down to the little cloche and pillbox hats and their spotless white gloves... Don't go to Mass as if you were going to a baseball game.  Dignity, people.) ~ ever searching and striving for the Good, True, and Beautiful in this life so that we may find peaceful solace and everlasting rest in Him in the next.  All for the greatest glory of God!  May He bless you! :) 


  1. Also a warm welcome and thank you Peregrin for this reminder of "the most important day of all time." Your dreams are very enlightening! I love the vintage illustration as well. God Bless...

  2. Thank you for the kindly welcome! :)

  3. Welcome Peregrin! you add an interesting new voice to this symphony of writers here at ACWB.


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