Has God had Enough?

Any good parent occasionally has to put their “foot down”.

Take an honest look at the world; peoples and their governments divided and distrusting one another; and the weather around the world becoming increasingly severe. In the past several years “superbugs” have appeared; and are resistant to all known antibiotics. The world is full of people who don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect them; the vast majority of us think nothing of it. How the world has changed for the worse in the past 50 years.                                                                          

How long do you think it will be until God punishes us for our 3 great sins – abortion, immorality, and materialism?

The Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ spoke to 4 children at Garabandal, Spain [unapproved apparition – Mother Theresa of Calcutta and Padre Pio both believed it to be authentic] in 1961 of a time in the near future when God would chastise His children and give them a warning [also known as the illumination of conscience where God would force us to “see” our sins] if they did not change their sinful behavior.

Does is seem to you that God’s has begun putting His “Foot Down”?


  1. No, I think we bring these disasters upon ourselves.

  2. I think any warnings are actually acts of Mercy to turn our hearts to Him


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