Oct. 5: St. Faustina Radiates Loving Mercy and Joy.


Who can help but love this simple, humble, loving nun?

Sister Faustina wrote and suffered in secret, with only her spiritual director and some of her superiors aware that anything special was taking place in her life. After her death from tuberculosis in 1938, even her closest associates surprised as they began to discover what Jesus had done in the life of this cheerful and humble nun.
"be merciful even as your heavenly Father is merciful"
She was merciful to others because God was merciful to her; she lived so everyone who came in contact with her went away joyful. The message of mercy that Sister Faustina received is now being spread throughout the world; her diary, Divine Mercy in my Soul, has become the handbook for devotion to the Divine Mercy.

Maria Faustyna Kowalska, commonly known as Saint Faustina (born Helena Kowalska),  was a mystic and visionary. Just look at her face; she radiates loving mercy and joy.

Her family was poor and had struggled hard on their farm during WWI. Sister Faustina  had only three years of  simple education, so she was assigned the humblest of tasks in the convent, usually in the kitchen or the vegetable garden, or as a porter.

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  1. wonderful post Melanie and thanks for bring Glory to God in showing how He molded her into a saint.

    1. we don't usually hear how she actually lived out the message of mercy.. it was a new insight for me


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