Using Your Guardian Angel Effectively

One of God's greatest gifts to us is our Guardian Angel.  He is assigned to us at our conception, and is with us throughout our whole life.  But our Guardian Angel is more than just to protect us various mishaps or evil persons that seek to hinder or even do damage to us.  To know how to effectively communicate with and receive from our Guardian angel all that God wishes us to have, then we have to know more who our Guardian Angel is. 

Who Is He?
The Guardian Angel's back is never turned to God.  In truth, they really don't have 'backs' as such.  The Guardian Angel always has a face turned to God and always has a face turned to you.  The Angel does not turn from God to face you, nor does he turn from you to face God, it is a constant communion, the God with the Angel and the Angel with You.  As a result, there is a constant communication from God to your Guardian Angel for what is best for you in your path to the Father.  The Guardian Angel is always before the throne of God adoring God at all times, and from this constant adoration you are given strength and encouragement and benefit from this direct line to the throne of God.  This is not a free pass into heaven though, for even though we have this grace throughout our life, no angel can by their worship subject what God has given us in our own free will.  For many will face the eternal death of fire of their own free will, Guardian Angel or no.  Free will is truly the only thing we possess and the thing we will be held most accountable for.  It is truly our scariest possession for our free will has both grave and wonderful consequences. 

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  1. insightful and raise many points that i never really though of


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