Where Does Evil Come From?

Where does Evil Come From?

In the beginning God Said, "Let there be light."  And there was light.  God creates with His word, and when He gave the angels free will He also gave them this ability to create out of their words, although to a much lesser degree. 

God is all good, there is no darkness in Him.  However, having infinite knowledge of His creation, He knew of evil as a concept (because God knows all things), but evil only existed in the mind of God as a concept, a potentiality.  When he gave the angels free will they two had a knowledge of what rebellion what evil was as a concept, otherwise their will would not be free because they would have no other choice but the good God.  It was a concept, and so as to truly choose God freely, they were given knowledge of "another way".  Again, this was only a concept in the mind of God and the angels, at this time evil did not yet exist.  

God did not create evil, even though He knew about it.  By his pride when Lucifer rebelled against God, his words were, "I will not serve."  Lucifer spoke rebellion against God into existence by these words. (This is why obedience of mind and heart is such a powerful weapon against the evil one.)  Rebellion and all that is evil is the sole creation of the evil one.    


  1. Your post is so thought provoking. It makes you look at life's events in a new light. Jesus is our protector, His angels surrounding us and guarding us at all times. You are si right about obedience of mind and heart. Obedience is so powerful. It is one of the most beautiful ways that we show our love for Jesus, who said, "If you love me, keep my commandments." God bless you for this beautiful post and all of the other beautiful work you do for Our Blessed Lord!

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