Mercy: Only While We Live.

God's Justice.  As God is complete in all that He is, we are not able to take away or add to His measure.  Since this is so, then God is whole. If God is perfect then His attributes must also be perfect.  God is one, God is the divine Trinity, the three divine persons in one God.  God is pure, and His purity must be perfect, with nothing lacking.  God is just, and His justice must also be perfect.  So God is pure, just and perfect.  As a result, if God's justice is perfect then His justice must not allow any one who is impure, vile or sinful into his presence, for this would not be just and it would be torture for the soul stained by sin to behold the beatific vision of God.  

God is also mercy, and His mercy, because He is timeless is for all time God's mercy must also be infinite.  The fact of God's infinite mercy has lead souls down the path to the conclusion that no matter what they do, God's mercy is infinite and God will not allow them to go to Hell.  Even Martin Luther fell down this path saying, "Be a sinner and sin boldly."... "No sin can separate us from Him, even if we were to kill or commit adultery thousands of times each day." (from the Letters of Martin Luther)  

Not so.  

Read this very carefully... God is not bound by time has infinite mercy, which means that He can show mercy for all eternity to His children that live and breathe on the earth.   He can show mercy 10,000 years from now if there are souls living on the earth.  HOWEVER, we, as creatures bound by time can only be recipients of that mercy in relation to our judgement WHILE WE ARE ALIVE IN THE FLESH.   Two hundred years from now we will not have access to the mercy of God that is reserved for the living, for we will not be alive 
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