Medjugorje: I DON'T believe and Why.

People do not realize how deceptive the demon is and how careful we must be to avoid his traps.   There are so many reasons to question this apparition and to seek God for discernment. 

1.  The apparition makes Our Blessed Mother look foolish, benign and irrelevant.  When you look at the apparitions at Fatima and Lourdes, they were limited, specific in location and nature.  This is not the case at Medjugorje.  These 'seers' having visions of our Blessed Mother where ever THEY are which is not in accordance with our Mother's dignity and grace.  She 'speaks' everyday, and is very repetitive in her messages.  The demon is not above speaking what he knows is true if it will water down that truth.  The 'seers' see the Blessed Virgin no matter where THEY go.  In the past it was Our Lady that asked the visionary to come to her, the messages were specific, urgent and very relevant.  The messages were also brief in length and scope. When you watch the same show over and over again on t.v., what happens?  It becomes, boring, irrelevant, and you may even want to push it away altogether.  How many partakers would you get to come to a Gilligan's Island Rerun Marathon...probably not many. 
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  1. Like most critics of Medjugorje, they observe and judge from a distance, look through the window, so to speak.

    Of course, they don’t have to believe, but their own belief is restricted to observer and not as a pilgrim journeying to Medjugorje to seek God.

    And, sure, the critics can find God in other ways. Medjugorje is not compulsory for belief.

    But the millions who have travelled to Medjugorje and discovered God in a personal way through this experience – even returning to the Church and the Sacraments, and so help rebuild the Church – there truth in their witness.

    As for the apparitions, the Church will or will not decide one day. So far, after 32 years, it has been in no hurry to do so – which begs the question why?

    Could it be that the Church recognises that the Holy Spirit is at work in Medjugorje? And perhaps in a greater way than in some of our parishes back home?

    Over 500 priests have provided written testimony to confirm they received their vocation while on pilgrimage at Medjugorje.

    Feel free to judge from a distance. Feel free to criticise the visionaries, the messages, the priests and any of the pilgrims who have had their faith renewed there. Feel free to express you opinion.
    It doesn’t harm Medjugorje because Medjugorje is of God and not of satan as some critics attempt to suggest.

    No person repents of their sins unless inspired by the Holy Spirit. Repentance and reconciliation is not the devil’s work. Neither are vocations to the priesthood, neither are the hundreds of physical hearings, neither are the countless resurrected lives witnessed at Medjugorje. Neither is the renewed life of prayer and availing of the Sacraments.

    But then those on the outside seldom see this, or even want to, and so are unlikely to give witness to these fruits. Instead they choose to try and dismantle and undermine God’s work and people’s reputations. They fall back on regurgitated smears and lies propagated on the internet to support their belief and denial of the good fruit; denying the millions of encounters with Christ, kidding themselves that it doesn’t happen.

    But when we truly experience a personal encounter with the heart of Jesus, there can be no denial, only witness. And no critic of Medjugorje will ever create any doubt in the heart of those who have met Jesus and the Holy Spirit at Medjugorje, but they may be able to deter others from doing so and that can only be a tragedy for themselves and the Church.

  2. May God Bless you. I wish you the very best. I have no doubt that God is there, I know He is, but I also know that God does not do a dog and pony show, and the demon doesn't care for a few conversions if overall it is not in accordance with our Lady's dignity. God Bless.

  3. Indeed the hostile one is very clever. He even tricks some faithful in denying God's Grace working in the Gospa. Let us be very humble, pray and surrender to the Supreme always more integrally, then devil's work will be spoiled and he be powerless in face of this unceasing invincible adoration. Who are we to judge? Just let us be humble and pray and leave the rest to God's Wisdom and Providence.


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