Twelve Days of Fitness − for Body − for Soul!

Just 12 days now 'til Christmas!! ...Not to be confused with THE Twelve Days of Christmas, of course.  But I saw an amusing health article this evening (December 13th) that I thought was rather creative (& silly) about a very different kind of 12 days: "the 12 days of fitness”... involving an accumulating circuit of exercises over a twelve-day period [per Huffington Post].
So naturally I started singing it along to the classic tune!  Here goes...
  • On the 1st day of fitness, my true love gave to me, a one-minute plank to do. 
  • On the 2nd day of fitness, my true love gave to me, two-minute wall squat, and a 1-minute plank to do. 
  • On the 3rd day of fitness, my true love gave to me, 3-minute bridge, 2-minute wall squat, and a 1-minute plank to do.  
  • On the 4th day of fitness, my true love gave to me…
[See link for complete list]    
Wow! [Did you sing along with me?!]
But the REAL “Twelve Days” must wait for now -- until December 25th.
And as for the real song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, it seems we don’t really know what it’s all about.  But about 20 years ago, a Byzantine Catholic priest [Fr. Hal Stockert] published an interesting explanation for each of the 12 gifts (with 12 hidden meanings), as a form of catechesis from the past.  And although Fr. Stockert’s story has since been called a theory of mostly fiction, it still is a very clever use of symbolism that we can appreciate, and sing along to—over & over again!   
Plus, regardless of this song, the Christmas Season is actually a season of many wonderful feasts… A very special 12 days, indeed! 
1sr Day:  Christmas Day--Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord
2nd DayFeast of Saint Stephen
3rd DayFeast of Saint John
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