FREE Copy of Sarah's Reinhard's Catholic Family Fun for Next Retreat Registrant

Can We Cana's First Ever Give-Away!

Awesome author Sarah Reinhard has generously agreed to donate a free copy of her book Catholic Family Fun: A Guide for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or Clueless to the next person to register for my online marriage enrichment retreat this February 3, 4, 10 and 11!! So be sure to join in Can We Cana?'s first major give-away by registering for the retreat here.

For those of you who don't already know Sarah, she describes herself as a Catholic convert/wife/mom/reader/writer enjoying the idiosyncrasies of life on a farm with critters and kids. She blogs at the National Catholic Register and has written five books for amazing Catholic publishers like Pauline Books and Ave Maria Press. She's heavily involved with and is always ready to lend a helping hand to beginning bloggers such as yours truly.

Sarah's book, Catholic Family Fun, is as great as the name suggests. It's packed with detailed instructions for nearly 50 fun activities, starting with the silliest ones. If you're looking for ways to pry your kids away from their electronic devices, Sarah's book is the best place to begin. Check out my full review of her book here.

So what does Catholic family fun have to do with marriage enrichment, you might ask? Everything! Fun times with our families can help us make it over the inevitable rough spots. Fun is a terrific unifying force that shouldn't be underestimated. To learn more ways that families can grow closer to God and each other, please join the Can We Cana? online marriage enrichment retreat. Live sessions are offered at mid-day and at evening, whichever is most convenient for you, and you can also view the recorded sessions through a link we'll send you afterwards. For more information, look here.

And, remember -- the next person to register here for the online retreat will win a free copy of Sarah's book. Go ahead and register today!


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