The Gift of Fecundity

The Gift of Fecundity
What we are coming to understand, though still shrouded in deep mystery, is the magnificent masterpiece that is Woman. She is a complex symphony of mind, body and spirit, the crescendo of which renders her capable of bearing life, both physically and spiritually, in this world.  It is a miracle of miracles that she, co-creator and cooperator with our Unseen and Eternal God, carries and brings forth the fruit of His hope and infinite love. 
The gift of fecundity, given to women, is meant to be preserved, cherished and safeguarded.  It is a Divine gift, not meant to be manipulated, exploited or artificially intruded upon, even for arguably admirable reasons or causes.  No matter how sophisticated or scientifically advanced, or seemingly intelligent we think we have become… God’s Divine Law, will and ways are infinitely deeper, wider and more perfect than our greatest human achievement or potentiality.  We will never be God… not ever.
That fact doesn’t seem to stop many of us from trying, though.  We take life (and death) into our own hands on a daily basis.  Even as Pope Francis echoes the words of Pope John Paul II by reminding us that  Calling a woman to maternity, God entrusted the human being to her in an altogether special manner,” we continue to see women trapped in a cycle of utilitarianism and self-destruction.  Woman betrays and deceives herself every time she allows the intrusion of technology to manipulate the perfection of her reproductive potential.
She is not a machine, but a masterpiece and even when she is unable to bare, children naturally, she can be a mother, both spiritually and physically,  through adoption.  Maternity is not a right, it is a Divine privilege; a gift from God, who alone is the Giver of Life.


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