Connecting Spirit to Spirit With Infants

Contemplation is learned at the mother’s breast.” St Bonaventure

I was delighted to discover that it is possible to connect with infants, not simply with their hearts but with their spirit as well. It is a gift to connect with a newborn, knowing that they know, that I know, that they are not idiots but vibrant souls who are in communion with God.

Somehow understood, right from the start, that we were relating to another intelligent, perceptive human being when we communicated with our babies. I stopped and listened when they cooed and then I answered them when they finished cooing. It might sound foolish but I believe that this attitude instilled respect for themselves and others. I tried to treat them as people, albeit little people.
I learned that we can bless our unborn child. pray over them, relate to our babies while they are in the womb just like the women in the Old Testament who prayed psalms and were often in seclusion.


  1. our spirit is the only part of us that was changed when we received the gift of salvation. our soul, which consists of our mind, will, and emotions, was not changed. We must begin the process of renewing our soul through the Word of God .Thank you.
    How to Know Thyself


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