Trinity Sunday Icon

Trinity Icon - In Progress

This icon of the Trinity is just about complete – it’s a medium size, 18×24 inches.  Also on wood, this is a mixture of egg tempera and oils to get a complex texture and vibrant colors.  The Trinity icon has gone through lots of stages in its history, with Rublev’s ending up being the one most popular now.
His version is the first one that focused on the equality of the persons, so to speak, by intentionally NOT calling out with obvious symbols which figure represented the Father, Son or Holy Spirit.  However it’s generally understood that the Father is on the left, the Son is the center figure, and the Holy Spirit is on the left.  There are no special markings in the halo of the Son, as typically seen as well, but in some older forms of this icon, one does find the traditional cross in the center figure’s halo.  Here in this version I’ve put in an unbroken Celtic pattern to represent the Eternal.  More images are here.


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