"Are Their Souls Not Worth $200?"

Some time ago on Facebook, I got a message from (what I thought was...) my Bishop.  He was very kind and ministering to me, asking about my walk, quoting scripture, and even giving me the link to his blog to read.  These messages happened over several days, and I was rather enjoying our little private conversations....  CLICK HERE FOR MORE


  1. Good post. Thanx.

    Pity not many people comment on the posts on this Blog.

    God bless.

  2. Very good post - thank you indeed.

    I echo Victor's comment. I suppose we wind up commenting on the blogs after we've clicked over to them? Maybe?

    1. Not often, Nancy. I've followed several links to peoples' Blogs earlier and they had no comments.

      It would be good if after visiting the main Blog people returned here and left a message. It would be encouraging each other.

      God bless.


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