The Catholic Vaccination Dilemma

The debate rears its ugly head even in the safest of places.

A mom posts in my local homeschool group that her family is going through pertussis - all of them - including her vaccinated husband and vaccinated public school child. First there are posts back showing support and advice on how to soldier through with a household of sick children. Then the accusation, "Weren't your children vaccinated?"

My finger hovers over my mouse, strategically positioned between the delete and the moderation button.  This is the type of discussion that can get heated quickly, and the relationships and camaraderie of this group of woman could be broken with one harsh word or a misinterpretation of intentions.

What breaks the camels back and causes me to hit delete and then quickly put us into moderation mode was a comment like this. "The Pope says that everyone should vaccinate their kids for the common good and it's a sin not to vaccinate."

Nothing is going to kill off a Catholic support group faster than a decree from the pope!

The thing is - it wasn't the pope.

But let me start back at the beginning.

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  1. Thanks for this post Melanie. It actually inspires me to create a blog on this. May i know any URL which supports the claim that the Pope says, "everyone should vaccinate their kids for the common good and it's a sin not to vaccinate", because as far as I know vaccination has detrimental effects to human's health - and best regards.

  2. Allen, you have to click on the link to My Domestic Church - that has all of the info you are seeking.


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