What Are You Willing To Do For "love"

An imperfect, but lovely, picture 
of an imperfect, but Lovable, me!
As a little girl I remember just wanting to be Accepted, to be Valued, to be Loved.

Was it the child abuse I suffered or the uncertainty of how to handle that abuse, was it the denial, or the get-over-it attitude that so many seemed to express even though they didn't always use words?

What was it that made me feel less than God had intended me to be?

What was it that made me sacrifice so much of myself, to compromise my values, to put myself in positions of risk in high school, in college, in married life so that I lost who I was, that I gave up dreams, that I believed false promises?

What was it that made me less?

I see so many others today sacrificing, compromising, risking who they were meant to be in the name of "love," especially victims of abuse, abandonment, divorce, those who have forgotten or who never knew their worth, the Perfect Love that is offered to them through God the Father.

My message to those still sacrificing, compromising, risking is to take a Real Risk, a worthy risk, take off your mask - the mask you wear for yourself.

Discover who you were meant to be.

You Are Beautifully and Wonderfully made.
     You are Special.
You are Unique - and that's a Good thing! :D
     You are Never Alone.

You are Loved.

To read the rest of the post and to see the video that sparked this reflection, please join me at Single Mom Smiling.

God Bless...


  1. I'm always saddened to hear of someone having suffered child abuse. I am glad you have come through. Yes, everyone is special. Everyone gives God joy and happiness. God bless. And by the way, your imperfect picture is a lot more perfect than the pictures taken of me. ;)

  2. Thank you, Manny. The abuse affected me, and my relationships, for years (long after it stopped), but it also made me who I am today. In a way, it's still affecting me but in a positive way. Now, God strengthens me so that I have the courage speak up, to empathize with others, to see the overlooked because I was one of them. It's made me have a no excuses attitude and demand more of myself to push myself and not accept less than God intended me to be to want to shine brighter and find Joy and Love in so many every day things.

    I'm sure you know this already, but I'm going to say it for anyone out there who may not be sure - Abuse doesn't have to define me/you/us. I choose to let God define me. I KNOW life can be hard, but Life is still Good because GOD IS GOOD! :)

    And that picture??? Thanks, my son took it without my knowing so I do love it, but it is fuzzy. In fact, the only thing fuzzier than the photo is my hair - Oh the hair!!! Oh what I wouldn't do for pin-straight hair! Sometimes even I still question what God was thinking when He created me! ;)

    Thanks for commenting Manny! :)


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