God of Mercy, Sweet LOVE of Mine!

Where did these past 3 weeks go?? …Three weeks since I first mentioned on ‘The Way to Nourish for Life’ my desire to share a personal journey with you---my journey back to being well again, back to being me!  So I apologize for this delay in explaining what brought me to this point [plus much more] still…
But I’ve remained very much in awe & wonder of the many changes occurring in and around me---and with all I’ve been learning this past month (which indeed I’ll be sharing soon).   Meanwhile, though,
I needed to come back here once again to offer praise---
with the help of two Psalms and a song… 
A contemporary Christian song being played on the radio here, which struck a chord with me upon hearing it this past month, as I’ve been spending much more time this summer with my Bible (rather than my laptop!)—being filled by Him, and for Him, with love… A love that cannot be contained—
so much so that I’ve been wanting to sing & shout. (:  So here are three such ways
Way quote. Your-Love-is-like


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