Butterfly Kisses

In honor of this feast of St. Juan Diego and the upcoming feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I am reposting this blog from 2012. 

Most of the time when I am in prayer it is spent in meditation, contemplation and intercession. I rarely ask the Lord questions but I find when I do I almost always receive an answer. I don't know why but I often do not expect an answer and I don't always recognize the revelation I receive as a direct response to my question. That happened to me a few weeks ago.

Before I tell you what my question was, let me clarify that I am 110% pro-life.  I see it as a grave evil and a spiritual battle. I believe that Satan, through the act of abortion would like to kill as many of these innocent lives as he can because nothing reflects God better than an innocent baby made in his image and likeness. I believe these babies therefore are little martyrs that go to heaven. My heart in the matter has always been very grievous, especially for the mother.  I often feel led to intercede for these women who are damaging themselves psychologically and spiritually through such an unnatural act as to kill their own child. Not to mention that they are rejecting such a precious gift. I know women who have had abortions and at the time they did not fully realize what they were doing but later deeply regretted it and said it was the worst decision they had ever made.  Fortunately, the women I know have taken it to the cross and have received God's mercy.  There are other women however that will try to escape the pain of what they have done through drug and alcohol use and all around continuing to make unhealthy decisions.  There are always repercussions.

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