St Joseph Novena Pray Along Day 8

Finally getting this up...whew...a very busy day and a super cranky toddler do not make for easy blogging.  Here is today's pray along.  Today, I am praying for our leaders both in the Church and our government, that they will be honest and just and turn to God in all matters. God bless you!


Saint Joseph, your share of suffering was very great because of your close union with the Divine Savior. All the mysteries of His life were more or less mysteries of suffering. Poverty pressed upon you, and the cross of labor followed you everywhere. Nor were you spared domestic crosses, owing to misunderstandings in regard to the holiest and most cherished of all beings, Jesus and Mary, who were all to you. Keen must have been the suffering caused by the uncertainty regarding Mary's virginity; by the bestowal of the name of Jesus, which pointed to future misfortune. Deeply painful must have been the prophecy of Simeon, the flight into Egypt, the disappearance of Jesus at the Paschal feast. To these sufferings were surely added interior sorrow at the sight of the sins of your own people.

Continued o Veils and Vocations.


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