Theology Simplified

trinitySometimes, it seems theologians love to write circles around the average Christian. Sometimes words merely complicate the simplicity of the inexplicable.
Othertimes, theologians can laugh at themselves. I rarely remember even the simplest joke but I have never forgotten this intellectual, theological joke told 30 years ago by a Jesuit priest in front of a University New Testament class.
Jesus was walking alongside of the Sea of Galilee when he turned to Simon Peter and asked him,“Who do you say that I am?”
Simon Peter answered Him, “Why you are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”
Jesus was pleased with his answer. So, Jesus turns to the modern-day theologian and asks,“Who do you say that I am?”
The modern-day theologian answers,“Why you are the eschatological manifestation in the ground of our being.The kerygma, which finds its fulfillment in interpersonal relationships.”
And Jesus replies,“What?”
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  1. the 'continue reading' button does not seem to do anything but load a blank page. I find it intriguing that the author writes that Jesus would say "What?" to anything expressed in words as if he would be unable to understand something we would say. Almost a flippant disregard for anyone who does theology?

    1. Thank you for letting me know the link did not work.

      Since this "joke was told by a Jesuit priest who was a theologian himself, I really never considered it to be flippant. It was told by a gentle, humble intellectual who had a healthy does of self- deprecating humour. on Theology Simplified

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