Shedding My Pharisee Facade

Jesus warned to not be like the scribes and Pharisees, “For they preach but they do not practice,” another way of looking at that, “practice what you preach.”    Sadly, I can think of at least one (okay, who am I fooling really MANY more than one) example in our lives, either now or in the past, when this could be said about me.

However, as I read these words, I thought of something I am far more often guilty of, “I practice but I do not preach,”  Instead of the ole' do as I say, not as I do, I have created my own version with do as I do, not as I fail to say.  Which is fine, because as St. Francis of Assisi is credited with saying, "Pray the Gospel always, when necessary use words," but sometimes WORDS are necessary.  As this lifelong Catholic, who has just in the last 10 years begun truly practicing her faith, has learned; Catholicism is a very rich and beautiful faith about which most people know very little.  Those who have discovered it ought to be sharing its depth with others. 

After years of being away from the Church, my husband and I felt drawn back in 1993.  We were active in Church activities, but my faith was still very much on the surface.  In 2004, I joined a bible study which transformed my relationship with God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through the study of God’s Holy Word, my heart was opened to living a life of faith not just for one hour on Sundays but every moment of every day. Overtime, I shed my Pharisee ways, of ....    read more

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