Morality, Virtue: Foreign Words? If so, why?

People hunger for goodness and happiness in their lives. Yet, when I mention the words morality or virtue in a conversation, I see eyes glaze over and minds shut down. What is it about these words that turn people off, especially since these words represent all that one actually hopes for in this life? There is a definite disconnect. So, as an adjunct professor of Theology, who happens to teach a course called the Fundamentals of Catholic Moral Theology, let me help by connecting the dots.

First, let’s define morality and virtue:

Morality refers to the standards by which we judge actions to be good or evil. 1
Virtues assist the Christian in living the commandments as well as effectively pursuing a holy life in Christ. 2
At birth, God infused within each of us, His Natural Law; “which enables man to discern by reason the good and the evil, the truth and the lie.3 So, there is no getting around it: We all know when... Read more...


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