Holloween celebration is horrible! Some tips to sanctify it.

This expression is heard among many people who consider this event as something Satanic, Pagan, or reprehensible.

Actually the origin of Halloween comes the Druids and Celts who thought that the dead stood that day and if they did not have food for them they would inflict terrible punishments and very violent rites over the living.

From there the phrase "Treat or Trick" used in the United States, was born.

In Mexico it has been copied as a celebration for children without greater risk or scope than those who know the subject thoroughly and paralel to the local  visit to the graveyards on the day of the departed and the celebration of All Saints.

I share with you some suggestions of father Francisco González Frich, L.C to live this celebration in a sanctifying way as catholics:}

 "These days I've seen many comments on Halloween. I propose a new form to live it in a holy way:

·        1st The 31 of October go to mass, go to confession.

·        2nd Devote one hour to Eucaristic Jesus. Pray for your family, for vocations in your family and finally ask him to enlighten you to become an apostole.

·        3rd Prepare yourself to receive the children that knock on your door and open just as Jesus would.

·        4th Have  sweets in quantity, because that is what they are after. Have an image of the Virgin or an altar with an Image of Jesus in your driveway.

·        5th Have prints of saints with some prayer, keep enough for the children and their companions. You can find many images of Saints at the following address on the Internet: http://rincondelaoracion.blogspot.mx/search/label/Estampas

·        6th When the bell rings, invoke the Holy Spirit with the following prayer: Holy Spirit, inspire me what I think, what I have to say, what should I shut up, what should I do, how should I act to procure the good to men as my mission and the triumph of Christ's Kingdom, Amen.

·        7th Open the door with a smile on your face and in your heart.

·        8th Tell the joy that  it means to you that they have arrived to your door and gladly tell them you will give them some Candy, but that they must earn it. Invite them to pray some simple prayer.

·        9th Give everyone a picture of a Saint.

·        10th Hand out the sweets and say goodbye to them with great joy".


R.P. Francisco González Frich, L.C.


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