During Christmas, Find Christ’s Joy In Your Deepest Wounds

In my deepest wound, I saw your glory and it dazzled me.”- Saint Augustine.
Most people assume they will automatically feel cheerful during Christmas.  Not only does the Church celebrate the birth of our Saviour with joy, secular society also promotes the idea that everybody is happy during this season, bombarding us with images in the media of lighthearted people giving gifts and enjoying each other’s company.
  In fact, there is so much pressure on people to be in good spirits during Christmas, many sink even deeper into depression when they are unable to force themselves to even crack a smile.  Often, I also feel depleted and empty during the days leading up to Christmas, dismayed my emotions do not line up with my beliefs and certain there is something wrong with my spiritual life.  The more I try with my own willpower to get in the Christmas spirit, the worse I feel.


  1. May you have the best of Christmases and a Happy, Splendid, Peaceful and Blessed New Year.

    God bless you and your family, Melanie.


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