Is Your Doctor Pro-Life? It Matters to the Unborn

By the time I was pregnant with my sixth child, I was desperate to find a supportive family doctor and obstetrician. Four of my five children had been delivered by Dr. Leslie E.,  a brilliant, strong feminist.  As a mother of a growing family, I was an enigma to her as she was to me.
In her office, successful professional women waited for gynecological care and women in their late thirties or early forties were pregnant with their first child.  I felt like every eye was on me when I walked through her door for my first visit, pregnant with a toddler on my hip and by my last visit with three or four other children clustered around me. Birth control devices enshrined on this doctor’s desk, encased in glass, seemed to glare at me every time I sat across from her.
After one visit, this obstetrician said, in what I hope was a teasing tone,

“Would you quit bringing your beautiful children to my office. Someone always wants a reversal (from tubal ligation) after you leave.”

Finally, A Pro-Life Doctor


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