Help for Common ADHD Communication Issues

Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADHD) can present many challenges in completing one's education, holding down a job and maintaining personal relationships. I would know because in the course of my life with ADHD I've struggled in each area.  Although I remained undiagnosed until my early thirties, I am happy to share it is not too late to identify those challenges and make the necessary challenges to not only cope but succeed. My strategy has been to tackle one at a time. This required being brutally honest with myself, seeking the counsel of a trusted friend, and conducting lots of research to formulate a plan for change.  Most importantly, it required a humbling of myself and instead of continuing to blame God for my circumstance, to trust He had a plan for my good in allowing ADHD in my life.

Excuse Me Are You Listening?

Building meaningful personal relationships can be incredibly difficult when you are so stimulated by your surrounding environment that it is almost impossible to maintain attention on just one person and what they are saying.  I would inadvertently come across as disinterested and flat out rude especially in social situations such as weddings or crowded parties.  For most of my life I had absolutely no idea I even displayed this behavior, never-mind how it might effected others.  My looking beyond the person speaking was often perceived as my searching for someone else to talk with as if this person wasn't interesting or important enough for my attention.

Once was inattention was brought to my attention, I began the process of teaching myself to focus.  The first humbling step was ...

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