An Unexpected Invitation to Spend Time with Jesus

Learning Something New

My road to sitting with Jesus in Adoration began nearly 10 years ago.  Quite, some might say serendipitously but after spending many hours in His presence, I would say this has the Holy Spirit's finger prints all over it!!

My husband and I, along with our children, had just made the transition to this new Church.  It was actually where we met and were eventually married,  but we'd not worshiped there since our wedding nearly 20 years earlier.  We had moved out of town, and spent many years at my childhood Church until circumstances changed and it became clear we had to find a new place to call our Spiritual Home

I was going through a very difficult time spiritually, emotionally and mentally - and in hopes of accelerating the healing, I began attending Mass more often.  Rooting myself in these encounters with Christ brought comfort to my heart, and strength to my soul.

A Chance Encounter

One morning, as I was leaving daily Mass, an old friend's mom was sitting on the little stone wall right outside the lower church's doorway.  Although deep in a conversation with a friend when I came out of the chapel, she paused to greet me with this genuine care and warmth that I rarely encountered anywhere else in my life.  After initial niceties, and we catching up on her daughters, she asked me if I had signed up for weekly adoration yet.  I felt a little embarrassed as I didn't know much about Eucharist Adoration, and definitely had no desire to spend an entire hour sitting by myself in the musty chapel.

What happened next, though I would not realize for many years, was about to change my life forever.   ... READ MORE

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