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 Hi there, ya'll! =)
I realize that wool floppy hats are generally more of a Autumn/Winter accessory, but this weekend the temperatures dropped and it FELT like Autumn, so I thought it would be acceptable.  Plus, it was raining and gloomy most of the day, and this hat protects my hair perfectly.  Sometimes you just have to step out of the box and break some fashion rules to save yourself...and your hair. ;P

Sometimes life can be completely overwhelming...actually, it would be more honest to say life is GENERALLY overwhelming.  Balancing relationships, housework, self-care, your spiritual life, etc., is tough, and can keep you so busy and wrapped up in your responsibilities that you fail to actually live your life, which is the whole point behind having all these responsibilities! As important as they all are, sometimes we need to take a step back and evaluate their purpose.

Good, healthy relationships are vitally important to a happy life, but when we let them take over our life or give ourselves entirely to them without saving time for anything else, they can be destructive to our happiness.  The same goes for housework, jobs, self-care, even our spiritual lives...when we take them from the sphere God intended us to keep them in and obsess over them, we change them from being a helpful part of our growth as people, and turn them into something detrimental.  A mother with small children who spends all her days at Mass and prayer, while neglecting the well-being of her family, does not have her priorities straight and is not pleasing God.  She has been given the task of caring for her family by God, and He wants her to honor Him by accepting her responsibilities, not by neglecting them to honor Him in what she thinks is the better way.  The same goes for a man who spends all of his time helping his neighbors, and has no time to care for or assist his aging parents.  Helping our neighbor is a praiseworthy act, but we must put our families first and not let other things take precedence.

The important thing to keep in mind is that God has created this universe to work in an ordered manner, with everything in it's proper place.  There is a time for work, a time for play, a time for planting, a time for harvest, etc., and we must strive to keep everything in it's God-appointed place.  I for one like to either do everything or nothing, and sometimes I struggle with facing the fact that I can't do everything perfectly and have to accept that I did my best, even if I only accomplished three things in a whole day.  Sometimes I have to turn others down to be able to care for my family better, and other times I have to lock myself in my room, away from my family, to work on strengthening my relationship with Our Lord. It's never easy.  Knowing that I'm working according to God's plan encourages me, and there are some days where He gives me the strength to accomplish it all and please everybody.  I just have to accept that I won't be able to accomplish this every day, and some days I will feel I haven't done nearly as well as I ought.  On these days, I try to accept how I feel, and ask for strength do better the next day. 

Every day is a new beginning, and is a precious gift from God.  It's another chance to do better and make up for the mistakes of yesterday. and many people are not granted this new day.  We should thank Our Lord for every new day we have been given, and strive to use this day as best we can.   

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Made By Me
Cardigan: Thrift Store
Shoes: Amazon/$36.99
Earrings: LuLu's (sold out, similar here)
Purse: Charming Charlie (sold out, similar here)

What are your thoughts on keeping your life well-ordered?
What do you find helps you to keep your priorities straight and according to God's plan?
Have a blessed week! =)

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