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Hi there, ya'll! =)
Is there anything easier to style than a black dress? I doubt it.  No matter what "capsule wardrobe" or "closet must-have" list you look at, every single one I've seen has been adamant about one thing: every woman MUST own at least one little black dress.  After seeing how versatile and flattering they are, I can understand why! My family and I just returned from a trip to Kansas City and, even though I had packed other clothes, I wore this black dress every one of the four days we were there, just switching up the accessories and tops I wore with it to make completely different outfits for each day.  I thought I'd share a few of the different ways I've styled it to give you some inspiration for your own LBD! The dress I'm wearing came from a thrift store, but I've linked some of my other favorites at the end of the post to help you find the one that fits your style best. =)

Look One: Dressy

While we were in Kansas City, my family and I attended The Piano Guy's concert at the Midland Theater.  I wanted to dress up a bit (because, why not?) and add some color to contrast with the dress, so I paired my favorite pink cardigan and (fake) pearl necklace and earring set from Charming Charlie together for a bit more of a glam look ;).  This outfit was perfect for the concert; it was comfortable and cool, while still classy, and since I wore very tiny kitten heels, I had no problem walking to and fro the parking garage and theater.

Look Two: Classic

For this Sunday, I wanted something simple and cool, yet dressy enough for Mass.  I added a belt from one of my other dresses and my favorite silk scarf for a classic, chic look, as well as my new earrings from Charming Charlie.  I also wrapped my rose gold bar necklace around my wrist for a delicate looking bracelet.

I wanted to do something a different with my scarf this week, so instead of wearing it tied in a knot close to my neck, I tied it very loosely and styled it more as a collar for my dress.  I just love how it turned out, don't you?

Look Three: Casual

I realized the other day that I haven't shared many casual, everyday outfits with you all! I tend to dress up most of the time when I'm going somewhere, but sometimes I do like to be more casual and comfortable, and I know most of you probably do too.  While I was in Kansas City, I was able to meet up with several internet friends who showed me around, and I wanted to wear something flattering, but still comfortable for walking around the city.  It was pretty sunny out, and, as much as I LOVE sunglasses, they always leave an unflattering red mark on my nose.  Wide brimmed hats are a lifesaver for me on these occasions!

Wearing a hat was also very helpful in hiding the fact that I hadn't had time to fix my hair that morning! My only concern was that it would be blown off by the wind and my secret would be out, but I made it through the day without any mishaps, thank heavens!

Every woman is different, and has different kind of style, so finding the perfect little black dress can be challenging sometimes.  I've rounded up my favorite styles for you to go through and see which ones catch your eye! Some are a bit pricey, but I've tried to include some that are more reasonably priced as well.  I hope you find one you love and that you found some inspiration from today's post! Have a wonderful week!

What's your favorite way to style your LBD?

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Thrift Store
Heels: Gift
Bronze Sandals: Payless/Old
Pink Cardigan: Thrift Store/ Old Navy Brand
Plaid Shirt: Thrift Store/Aeropostale Brand
Silk Scarf: Gift
Pearl Necklace/Earring Set: Charming Charlie (sold out)


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