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Don't you just love it when your favorite store has a huge sale??? Few things make me happier (okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, haha) than seeing an email in my inbox telling me about a big sale coming up somewhere that I love to shop.  A couple of weeks ago, Neesee's Dresses sent me one of those oh-so-happy emails to let me know they were having some great deals to celebrate Labor Day.  I had originally intended to only get one Maxi dress for my family's upcoming vacation, but when I saw all the prices and deals (including TWO FREE DRESSES, YA'LL), I ended up with several Maxi dresses, and two new Midi dresses.  I've never written a haul post before, but I think this will qualify nicely, and I can share some of my ideas for styling each dress with you all!

This dress is technically for my mom, but I love it so much I'll probably be stealing it often.  It's so flowy and elegant! I adore high waistlines, and this dress is no exception.  Plus the color is just. plain. gorgeous.  It's a tad bit too long for me (short girl problems), but if I wear heels it's not a problem.  At first I had planned to wear gold jewelry for this look, but when I tried the rose colored, I knew there was no way I was going to style it any other way!

A floppy wool hat is always a classy accessory, but I think a felt (or even a straw!) fedora would also look lovely with this dress.  As the weather gets colder, I will probably also be styling it with different scarves and boots to make it more winter appropriate.

This dress is just perfect in every way.  The sleeve length, the pattern, the colors, the neckline...what's not to love? My family is planning a vacation to Mexico this Autumn, and I have been on the lookout for a pretty maxi dress to wear when we go sight seeing, and I believe I have finally found it.

On a completely different note, I have been attempting to be more creative with my hair styles.  Normally I wear my hair down with the front pinned back, but lately I have been practicing and watching tutorials on YouTube, and have discovered several adorable and easy styles that keep my hair out of my face while still being mostly down! The style I'm wearing in the picture has been my favorite so far, and I may film a tutorial to share with you all in the future, if anyone is interested. =)

Another lovely way to style this dress would be to add a blue belt, and
possibly a shawl in the same shade!

This was my least favorite out of all the dresses I ordered, but I do still like it.  I'm not really a checkered print sort of girl, but it was free, so I decided to try and style it in a more "me" way.  The pink flowers make the whole dress more interesting and unique, which I love, and when I paired it with a black cardigan and belt, I was much happier with the whole look.

All in all, I can definitely see myself wearing this outfit for running errands, out to dinner, or maybe weekday Mass.  It probably won't be the first item I'll reach for in my closet, but it's a great back-up outfit for the days when I'm in a hurry and need something that I know I feel put together in.

Fwuffles is such a model...Every time she sees me with my camera,
she has to run into the picture and pose!

I love the print and color of this dress! It's so feminine and country looking.  Unfortunately, the top of the dress was too snug for my modesty standards, but it was easily remedied by wearing a cardigan over it.  For this look I wore my chocolate colored (doesn't that sound better than plain old "brown"?) cardigan, but I think it would look lovely with a pink sweater as well.

To dress this look up a bit, I would wear a pink cardigan, add some matching pink heels, and maybe wear some flowers in my hair to increase the "country" vibe of this dress.  I can see myself wearing this for a bridal/baby shower, or even for Easter.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite dress out of all the ones I ordered.  Just look at it!!! The color, the hemline, the SLEEVES...! I love bell sleeves, and spent the first ten minutes that I wore it twirling my arms just to watch the sleeves flutter.

Aren't they beautiful???

I love how versatile the style and colors are...I already have several ideas for how to style it for Autumn and Spring, maybe with taupe ankle boots and matching fedora for Autumn.  I was also happy to notice the roses on the dress match one of my new favorite lipstick shades perfectly! You're probably going to be seeing a LOT of this dress in the future; I didn't even want to take it off after taking pictures.

To conclude, I'd say my whole purchase was very satisfactory, and I now own several new, beautiful dresses that I can style many different ways in the upcoming months! I have linked all the dresses below in case you decide you want to purchase them too.  Just a note; while I am affiliated with Neesee's Dresses and advertise for them, I bought these dresses on my own and am not receiving any compensation for my review.  This is just my honest opinion of their products. =)

//Outfit Details//

|First Dress|
Necklace and Earring Set: Charming Charlie (sold out, similar here)
Hat: Charming Charlie (sold out, similar here)

|Second Dress|
Earrings: Charming Charlie
Mini Bar Necklace: charming Charlie

|Third Dress|
Black Cardigan: Thrift Store
Belt: eShakti
Shoes: Amazon

|Fourth Dress|
Sweater: Thrift Store

|Fifth Dress|
Shoes: Amazon

I hope you were able to get some inspiration from these outfits for your own wardrobe!

Which was your favorite look?


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