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One of our primary jobs and gifts as women is to beautify our little sections of the world, not just in a sensual way, but by making the very lives of our loved ones beautiful.  As women, God has created us to be beautiful, the most beautiful of His creations.  He has also given us the great gift of being able to beautify anything we choose, and we must learn to use this gift for good and not evil.  Women can make things very attractive to men (look at all the advertisements directed at men that feature scantily clad women, even thought the ad has nothing whatsoever to do with them), both virtue and vice.  While men are naturally more prone to leadership (according to the Natural Law), they can be very easily swayed by us women sometimes.  It's a woman's privilege to help the men of her life stay on the path of virtue by making it so beautiful that vice isn't even alluring to him.

There are so many ways we can beautify our lives and the lives of our loved ones! The most obvious is making our home a beautiful haven of peace and love, a refuge from the noise and chaos of the world.  Little touches such as flowers in a vase, homemade curtains in the windows, and the smell of delicious food cooking when they enter the door show your family how much you love them and that you care enough to make their lives a little more "extra", if you will.  When your family has a cozy, peaceful home, filled with love and beauty in which to live, they will have no desire to leave and search for a their happiness elsewhere.  Many, if not all, of the world's problems of today are caused by broken families, where members of the family are leaving the home and separating from one another to try and find happiness out in the world, when they should be looking for within their family.  By making home an actual HOME, and not just a place to sleep at night, we are helping to heal some of that brokenness.

Another way we can use our gift of creating beauty is by using care with our own appearances.  We women are naturally beautiful, but spending a few extra minutes to enhance our beauty and put a little more effort into what we wear is a way of telling our loved ones "I love you and want to look beautiful for you." More importantly though, we should make sure our souls are beautiful to match our looks.  A virtuous woman is always beautiful, no matter what her physical appearance may be.  In the same way, an immodest or sinful woman will never be able to hide her ugliness for long, no matter how attractive she is physically.

To close, I want to say that in today's world, we women and girls are continuously being told that being beautiful and being told by men that we're beautiful is a bad thing, that it's degrading and sexist, and even a form of sexual assault (I'm not talking about catcalling or anything disrespectful, I'm referring to compliments).  This is completely ridiculous, and contrary to our nature as women.  Plus, it's incredibly insulting because the mindset behind it is that anything feminine is bad and less in dignity than what is masculine, and we must be like men to have any worth.  God has created us to be  His lovely, graceful, virtuous daughters, to use our inner and outer beauty to help our brothers in Christ stay on the path of virtue and lead godly lives.  This is one of our primary purposes in life, and is truly a great and noble one!

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Cardigan: Old Navy/ Old
Skirt: Thrifted/Talbots Brand
Tights: Gift
Hat: Charming Charlie (sold out, similar here)

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